Leasing & Financing

Let us help you find the best way to get into your new car

Why Lease with King’s

  • Trade-in your cars more often

  • Tax only applied on a “per payment” basis

  • Tax write-off – Ask your accountant if you qualify

  • Increase cash flow – put more of your cash where it will do more for you

  • Worry free ownership – Drive cars while the manufacturer covers the maintenance

  • Easy Payoffs – No penalties charged for un-earned interest

  • End of lease flexibility – Choose to either buyout, return or trade-in your car


Leasing has many advantages and benefits for all car buyers. In the past, leasing was more advantageous for businesses or individuals who were self-employed primarily for tax benefits or company write off’s. Presently, the advantages for leasing is for all buyers of new and pre-owned vehicles and is becoming more common. Leasing will allow ownership of vehicles with limited financial liability and ease of switching vehicles on a more frequent basis.

The popularity of leasing vehicles is definitely on the rise. The cost of ownership and future maintenance lessens and allows you to trade you vehicle to the newest models available. We can customize your lease payments and terms to meet your needs.

For clients who intend on owning a vehicle for a longer time, we offer financing with most major Canadian financial institutions. We will do what is best for you the customer and ensure your purchase is right for you!

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Why SecureDrive Makes Sense

  • Coverage Designed to Wrap
    Elite and plus coverage can be combined with the manufacturer’s extended powertrain warranty to offer ultimate protection at a lower cost.
  • Deductible Reduction
    $50 deductible reduction on select plans when you return to your selling dealer for an eligible repair.
  • Transferable
    If you sell your vehicle, MBP is transferable to the next private owner.
  • Extensive Eligibility
    Coverage is available for most makes and models for vehicles up to 13 model years old or 200,000 km.
  • Solid Backing
    MBP is underwritten by the sovereign general insurance company, a member company of the co-operators group.
  • Multimedia Software Package (optional upgrade)
    With this package, the cost of all manufacturer recommended software updates to your vehicle’s entertainment and navigation systems are covered (up to $500).
  • Aditional Benefits
    Besides exceptional coverage to protect your vehicle, MBP comes with an array of additional benefits, with no deductible.



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